UEFA Champions League


Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the post-match press conference after the Champions League group stage match between Liverpool and Napoli won by the Reds 1-0.

The Azzurri coach insisted his Napoli side did everything in their power to get through the group after they were knocked out of the Champions League by Liverpool at Anfield: "We did everything we could to qualify. We accept the elimination, we’re disappointed but we also know that we exceeded expectations. We were in the hunt to qualify until the last minute in a very strong group, which we played a big part in."

About the Anfield match Ancelotti said: "We started well tonight but then dropped a little deep, partly because of Liverpool’s pressing game. That said, after the break we were able to come forward and create chances to equalise."

Ancelotti admitted that his players are hurting after the defeat but called for them to use the disappointment as motivation to bounce back: "The lads are disappointed now, but we have to channel that anger into the Europa League and turn it into positive energy," he said. "We’re going to focus on the new adventure with the confidence that we can play our part. I’m really pleased with the team – they deserve credit and the disappointment from tonight will give us even more motivation for the Europa League. We want to go far."

The Napoli boss refused to pinpoint a particular match as having cost the Azzurri in this season’s Champions League: "I don’t regret any specific game," he said. "We lacked that bit of luck as I’ve said, we’ve done extraordinary things over the last few months in the Champions League."

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