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On the eve of Genoa vs. Parma, a game which will kick off at 21:45 CEST at the Ferraris tonight, Coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to Parma Calcio 1913’s official website and had the following to say:

How are the team doing? How are those who played against Torino two days ago getting on?
“Apart from a few aches and pains, the team have recovered well from a very demanding fixture where they fought until the very end. I have to say that the team are doing quite well physically. Obviously, I’ll look at things before the match tomorrow. At the present time, it’s important to avoid injuries and, with the history of some of our players in mind, assessments will have to be made.”

What kind of game will it be? What are you expecting from the opposition?
“Since Davide Nicola took over, Genoa have done very well: they’ve picked up 14 points from nine games. Before the league was interrupted, they were enjoying a great spell from a physical and mental point of view. This is why I think that the match will be a very complicated one. They’ll look to come at us high up the pitch and take advantage of the fact that we played a few days ago. I think that my lads understand the importance of this game as we look to achieve the objective that we set ourselves at the start of the season.”

How are you managing the situation with so many games in quick succession? How important is it to have five substitutions available?
“Having the possibility of making five substitutions is very important, both in terms of the match dynamics and when there are players who aren’t ready to complete 90 minutes. Nobody is in optimum condition at the moment: we’re not the only ones suffering in this regard, and games are required to reach better fitness levels. The five substitutions are important because they allow players to be safeguarded, through which they’re able to play more matches.”

Are there players who can change matches after coming on?
“I believe that there are a few players who can make a difference after coming on, but they’re also capable of doing so right from the very beginning. Gervinho is one such player: we saw this against Torino, where he did really well for our goal. The same applies to Karamoh, Caprari, Sprocati and Siligardi. These are guys who can also be decisive when coming off the bench: there’s enormous potential in this respect, and I hope to have Roberto Inglese back as soon as possible too.”

How do you rate Parma’s work on the wings? Genoa could look to vary their play up front and use the wings:
“During our match against Torino, we made a few mistakes. As regards the wings, we had opportunities to switch play or cross it in, while we also made mistakes in reading what was going on. However, errors like this can happen after three months out. We’ll work on mistakes, but the important thing is to give everything in every match at this time. You obviously need to look at any mistakes made and work on them, but you can’t spend the whole time thinking about past games. You need to think about the present and near future, which for us is our fixture against Genoa tomorrow. They’re a team that looks to make the most of the width through their wing-backs. We need to focus on not making mistakes.”

Genoa and Parma are in different positions in the table but have the same objective. Is this the key point when it comes to interpreting tomorrow’s match?
“Yes, because this is what tomorrow’s game is about. We need to constantly think about where we’ve come from and the objective that we set at the beginning of the campaign. While the teams’ league positions may be different, both have the same aim: survival. It’ll be an intense game where we’ll need to show determination and remain focused for the whole game. We need to try to make as few mistakes as possible. I’ve also mentioned a certain fact to the lads: before the game against Torino, we had the fifth best defence in the league. This is something that needs to be maintained or even improved because, most of the time, a team’s league position corresponds to its defensive record. There are teams that have conceded more goals and are ahead of us, but Napoli and Atalanta score a lot of goals and have different potential. This is an aspect that we work on, but this doesn’t mean that we’re defensive: it means that we work as a team. During this period, it’ll be very important because we’re not in optimal condition physically, it’ll be hot and we might get stretched. Playing as a team will be extremely important. Regardless of technical quality, a compact team brings advantages as you look to achieve good results.”


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