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Following the final training session, Parma's coach Roberto D’Aversa met journalists in the media room at Collecchio to discuss the 18:00 CET kick-off against Napoli tomorrow at the San Paolo.

Going to play at a stadium where there is a sense of enthusiasm and support from the fans is nice, players want to go and test themselves against strong teams. Let’s not forget that despite Napoli’s issues and the managerial change, they made the knockout stages of the Champions League this week. It’s sad that our fans won’t be there, lots is said about bringing families and people to the stadium and then decisions that do the opposite are made and they alienate the fans. For me, it’s a fair decision from the fans because they’ve thought that people have to sacrifice their time and money to go to games so this was a decision that pushed the fans away instead of bringing them closer. For them and for us, it’s not nice to not have our fans there with us because they’ve always followed us from when we were in Serie D and I’m sorry about this but I think they’ve made a mature decision and I think it’s the correct one considering all the sacrifices they make."

A good luck message for Gattuso? Honestly, I’ve not done it because I’ll see him tomorrow and do it in person but also because it’s sad that Ancelotti went and for a younger coach like me he can be seen as a role model. Having known both at AC Milan, I’m sorry for Ancelotti and of course, I’ll wish Gattuso luck in person tomorrow while hoping that he can have a positive time after our match."

They have quality and it will be on use to determine if their tough moment in the league lasts longer or not while being aware that they’re stronger on paper but different things can always happen out on the pitch. If we go looking to get a point, we’ll probably leave with nothing and we have to try to win. The result will then depend on how we play and apporch the game. I want the team to go there and show character because you need character to get a result at Napoli.”

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