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Roberto D’Aversa spoke at the post-match press conference following the Inter match.

“It was a match where there’s no real need to say that the result was not reflective of what happened and the large number of chances that we created. I need to work on the mistakes but I believe the final result doesn’t reflect how the match really went. But, if we leave with no points, we need to think about where we can improve. Of course, I first of all need to teach some ruthlessness and cynicism to my players. At one point, Kulusevski was away on the break against Barella who was already booked and if he went down, we could have then played with a man advantage. That said, only my captain can speak with the referee and we can’t all complain, that includes the dugout and I have to improve this. But, I don’t think the result reflected how the match went, everyone can have their own opinion but we’re here with regrets about a match where we certainly must have made some mistakes if we’ve lost.” 

“When I say that we need to work on the mistakes made, it’s that we had seven clear chances to score and they weren’t all from counterattacks. We created chances from our build-up too when we knew that the opponent would defend in a certain way. The chance to score that Cornelius missed when it went wide wasn’t a counterattack, the chance to score that Dejan missed wasn’t a counterattack and we created a lot of chances. I believe in terms of the play and chances created, it was clear what happened but unfortunately, the result shows that they won so credit to Inter who took home a result when we deserved it in every aspect but it shows that we made mistakes and failed to make the most of our chances. We shouldn’t have given up two chances from set pieces and a cross which show that we didn’t do that well in defence".

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