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After Parma's 3-2 win against Torino, the Crociati coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media at the Stadio Tardini.

"Although the winner came in the 88th minute, I think that it was deserved considering the performance and the chances created. The guys again showed that they believed until the end, we missed a penalty and had different chances to score and this sort of game can often finish badly. The guys did well to keep believing. The guys who came on and who were fresh in the starting line-up like Cornelius did well. When I say that everyone deserves to play, they showed it.

Laurini has been taken to hospital for some checks, he was confused after the blow he took. Before the incident, I have to thank him for what he did. In the first half, he suffered a subluxation to the shoulder but I couldn’t take him off because we had a numerical advantage and changes were being made to strengthen us in attack. This shows that the sense of attachment that these guys have and they’re working and playing for the shirt and as someone who arrived recently, I have to thank him for this. 

It’s not easy when you have a man advantage because they sit back and wait so it’s hard to find space. The team was patient and did well to not give up any counterattacks because you can become frantic in these games and help the opponent. The team managed the game well overall. Obviously we made some mistakes because something has to have gone wrong in a game like that if you find yourself behind. But, you can work on mistakes and the attitude is what matters and I’m happy with that.

Counterattacks? On the third goal with the team stretched we managed to get a cross in and take advantage of numerical superiority. For the first, there was a through-ball and if we always want to think of counterattacks I’m happy to do so because it’s always your aim to score in football. The goal can come like the third after a number of passes from one part of the pitch to another or like the first with quick and direct play. This topic is starting to become a bit irritating for me.

Our aim is to approach each game separately and to work well in the week because it pays off at the weekend. I have to say, I’ve not had any negative signs from this team since the start of pre-season. It doesn’t help to make comparisons with the past. Despite the brilliant start last season, we only secured mathematical survival in the penultimate game even if we were never in the relegation zone. This year, we have to add consistency and believe in our quality. Wins bring enthusiasm and confidence but they also have to make you aware of the things that you do to secure results.

The desire to win was always there as seen by the last change. With Kulusevski, Gervinho and Cornelius already on, we added Inglese. On the bench, when I called for calm I spoke to Hernani and Laurini who were already booked and I was worried about not levelling it up at ten against ten. When you have an extra man, sometimes you can become frantic and make technical mistakes but the guys did well. Sometimes you have to take an extra pass to stretch the play before looking to find Cornelius, Inglese or Kuco from crosses. When Hernani was booked, the change was to make sure we didn’t get anyone sent off.” 

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