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Following the 1-3 win at Udinese, Parma's coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media at the press room at the Dacia Arena.

With our difficulties in the first half, we conceded on the break to a forward who is good at attacking space. In terms of controlling the match, the guys did well to stay balanced despite going behind and we turned it around the second half while Sepe was also decisive at moments.”

Aiming beyond survival? Our aim has to be approaching every match with the same spirit, we played an excellent game against Juventus but we need to do the same against teams such as Udinese. If we think that these games are easier, we can have problems. We’ll continue and hope not to have the injuries from last year like with Grassi who is already showing he’s an important player.  The Club has worked on the quality and depth in the team, we need to keep working well when we get positive or negative results. We need to keep our feet on the ground, we’re always working with the right balance.”

Hernani can be a brilliant playmaker. The decision today was made because we were facing a physical side and I put Grassi there with rotation with Kucka in mind. Every now and then the Brazilian in him comes out but I think he did Brugman’s role well today.”

“They played with a 3-5-2 in defence and we wanted to send them out wide. We did that very well and we were well-organised in defence. Kulusevski is an important player, Gagliolo is able to a lot with his ability to score and get assists.

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