UEFA Europa League


Read what coach Paulo Fonseca had to say following Roma's Europa League exit on Thursday. The Giallorossi fell to a 2-0 defeat against Sevilla at the MSV-Arena in Duisburg, ending their 2019-20 campaign on a low note.

What is your assessment of the game?

“We deserved to lose. Sevilla are a better side than us, they played better than us tonight and we have to accept they were superior. We did everything we could, but it was tough to get going against a side playing better than us. The main person responsible for that is me, there is no excuse, but we have to accept the fact that Sevilla played better than us.”

Would you change some of the decisions you made?

“No. The team has won basically every one of its recent games, they were playing well with this system and there wasn’t a reason to change it. It would not have been the fair thing to do. Even in this aspect, however, Sevilla did better than us. It’s hard to take but we have to do that – we lost against a side that played better than us.”

Was the issue mental, tactical or psychological?

“Right now Sevilla are better than we are, we don’t need to look for other reasons. We did find the best way to challenge then in the first half, and that’s because of how good they are.”

What’s your assessment of the season?

“Now is not the moment to do that. When things settle down I will do it – but I think it was a positive season.”

What would you like to say to Roma fans right now?

“They had great expectations for this game, but we have to be honest with ourselves and understand that Sevilla deserved it. We need to think about next season now; this squad has a future, we don’t need to get depressed or traumatised. We need to keep perspective in moments like this.”

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