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Gattuso: "A good performance but we need more fire in our bellies"

Gennaro Gattuso cut straight to the chase as he spoke after Napoli's 2-0 defeat to Inter at San Siro.

“I think we played well but we need to stick the ball away,” the coach began. “I was happy with our overall game today but if you have the chances to score and don't take them you're never going to win.”

"Of the four games we played against Inter I think this was our best performance. The only problem was our finishing: we created lots of chances and didn't even score one goal.

“I feel we've lost a little edge recently – perhaps we need to play with a bit more fire in our bellies

“When we fail to do the right thing in front of goal we get worked up. I saw a few things I didn't like today. We have to change things because I don't think we can reach our full potential unless we combine our technical ability with the right intensity.

“I expect more from my players in our last few games. We've picked ourselves up from far tougher moments than this and we have to be make sure we respond properly now.”

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