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Napoli's coach Gennaro Gattuso analysed his team's hard-fought performance in the 2-1 win over Juventus on Sunday evening.

"I'm pleased and we are worthy winners. This evening I'm not just thinking about this game, but I'll also go home thinking about the disappointing match against Fiorentina. I still can't explain to myself how we managed to perform like that.

"I just can't come to terms with that defeat, particularly in light of our display this evening. This means we are on the right path, but plenty more hard work is needed because we've had too many disappointments so far.

"Winnings games is wonderful and pleasing, particularly against the league leaders, but it's too early to say that we've solved all our problems because we've fallen back into them in the past.

"The positives from this evening are the performance and character, but we must also acknowledge the fact that we have only managed to pick up 27 points in the league so far.

"Congratulations to the lads, who performed brilliantly both defensively and going forward, just as we'd prepared during the week.

"I didn't like the goal that we conceded because you can't give any gifts out at this level. We had the game sewn up, so we should've been good enough not to take any risks.

"We'll push on from this win, but without making any statements or calculations. We have to take it from one week to the next and build up game by game for the future. After the transfer window, I want the players to think about Napoli 24 hours a day. The team has shown what it can do, but now I want to see that on a more consistent basis."

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