Serie A TIM


Gennaro Gattuso spoke to the media ahead of AC Milan v Bologna on matchday 35 of the Serie A TIM 2018/2019.

They’re in good shape and they’ve been in impressive form since Mihajlovic’s arrival. They’re a pacey team and they’ve also changed their style of play. We must play our own game, giving 100 percent. We’ll need a strong performance to prove that we’re still alive. We need to put in a solid display tomorrow, playing with heart and desire.

We’ve trained well, fuelled by anger. I’ve heard plenty of speculation this week. I decided on the team’s training retreat and the club supported me. I didn’t want to do it but there are rules that must be respected. In times of difficulty, we all have to understand our responsibilities, grasping where we are and what shirt we’re wearing. I took this decision during a difficult moment where our heads haven’t been in it. We’re going through a tricky spell and we must now put everything aside and prove ourselves out on the pitch. We need ambition and pride. This team has given me a lot, always looking to give their all even in the last few games. I now expect them to return to battle.

We need to believe in ourselves. We’ve dropped a lot of points and are no longer in fourth place. There’s regret, we weren’t able to manage our advantage in the league well. It’ll be difficult, but from now on we have to be ready. We need to fight and believe right until the very end. I’m thinking about doing and giving everything to bring Champions League football back to AC Milan. We need to have the desire to play certain matches, to achieve certain goals and to play on a certain stage.

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