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Following Parma’s match against Napoli, Coach Fabio Liverani spoke to the press at the Tardini.

This is what he had to say:

“Osimhen is a player with certain qualities, and he can cause problems when he’s in space. It didn’t help that Napoli’s opening goal came about following a ricochet. Up until they scored, I’d liked what I’d seen from the team, including in terms of their work rate: I actually thought we were further behind in our development than what we are. The team are doing well and putting in the hard work, they believe in what they’re doing. For me, this is the most positive thing to come out of the match. Ultimately, we paid a heavy price for our mistakes. As in previous years, we want to survive in this division, but we’re aiming to do so by playing slightly differently and taking the game to our opponents. There will be difficulties, but we held our own against a strong side today, although we’ll have to analyse the defeat.”

“The 1000 fans present in the stadium? I think it represents a start for everyone. Like all those who love this sport, I hope that we’ll be able to return to normality very soon. Football is all about passion, I don’t think anyone likes playing in empty stadiums.

“The last two or three days were slightly unusual as we looked to prepare for this opener, but this is part of football. For us coaches, it’s not ideal to begin a season with the transfer market still open, because this can lead to distractions. But again, this is part of football. The new ownership has displayed enthusiasm and a desire to go down a path of growth, a continuation from before. The goals that we set when I arrived still apply today. We need to complete the team by maintaining the backbone from last year and adding good young prospects who are ready to play. We’ll work hard during the remaining days of the transfer market, both on and off the pitch. The team have been working together for ten days, we haven’t had more than seven or eight training sessions since our international players returned. In this respect, we haven’t had an easy start, but we’ll get back to work on Tuesday with the same enthusiasm. We’ll be slightly annoyed too, because nobody likes losing.”

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