Serie A TIM

Mertens, the club's all-time record scorer up to 124 goals

Dries Mertens opened the scoring in first-half stoppage time at the Marassi on Wednesday evening against Genoa, to take his tally as the club's all-time record scorer up to 124 goals. Here's what the forward had to say after the game:

"We're doing well and have deserved these good results. I'm pleased for the team, above all. We know what we have to do on the pitch, which you can see from the results that we've been getting. I dedicated the goal and head-up celebration to Jose Callejon. He's a friend as well as a team-mate who's been with me for seven years. He's shown his dedication to this club and deserves real credit."

Serie A TIM: 92 gol
Champions League: 16 gol
Europa League: 9 gol
Coppa Italia: 6 gol
Champions League Qualifying Round.: 1 gol

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