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The group who refounded Parma after bankruptcy in 2015 have re-taken a majority shareholding in the club. The group of seven investors (Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara, Mauro Del Rio, Marco Ferrari, Angelo Gandolfi, Giacomo Malmesi e Paolo Pizzarotti) bought the club and started again in Serie D under the banner Nuovo Inizio (New Start).

Chinese investors Desports Group bought a controlling stake as they rose back up the divisions, but today a surprise Press conference was called to announce another change at board level. “This morning Nuovo Inizio completed the necessary practicalities to take back 60 per cent of Parma. 30 per cent will remain with President Jiang Lizhang" . Marco Ferrari confirmed.

“Nuovo Inizio was founded with the idea of bringing enthusiasm for football in Parma. After having sold some of the shares to Lizhang, a major profile in international business, we realised that there were some issues, so there was a different scenario to the original premise. As a result Nuovo Inizio have decided to return as majority shareholders, as provided for in the original contract", said Ferrari.


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