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Luigi Sepe today spoke to the press at Collecchio ahead of Parma vs. Lazio:

This is a great moment for everyone and we’ve picked up plenty of points. We must continue on this path, working well and getting as much as we possibly can. I knew D’Aversa from our time together at Lanciano, while I also got to know his staff who were excellent. It helps a lot to make it a relaxed environment. The positive results also help. Hard work always pays off and over the past few years I haven’t played much, but I kept working. Things could’ve been a bit tricky at the start but I settled well with my teammates and I know what the Coach wants. Difficulties can arise but the important thing to tackle them with a calm attitude. During tough times, we must work even harder to come out the other side".

Things I can improve? I am always working on my characteristics, from coming out to catching. Some days you make more mistakes than others, but I must work hard to make sure I am always ready on all fronts. Playing the ball out to the wingers? This is something that Coach asked us to do. We try it a lot in training and we then aim to bring it into a match. However, every game is different".

My best save so far? I prefer to come out and claim the ball rather than making a save. Doing this well is worth just as much as a save, like the one against Empoli and the one with Piatek. Luck was involved in the latter, but there are many situations where you need luck on your side just as much as doing well. The international break? It was needed. We have many injuries and almost everyone is recovering. Differences to here and Napoli? There aren’t any. A player must work hard week in week out and be prepared to pick up points every Sunday. We know that Lazio are a really tough side, therefore, we must remain humble, aware that there are obstacles in every match. However, we must also capitalise on the few chances that we have. Immobile is a top player, but it’s not all about him. We’re playing a strong side that is high up in the league standings".

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