Coppa Italia


Bologna won 3-0 against Pisa in Third Round of the 2019/2020 Coppa Italia.

Andrea Poli scored the first goal of the season to break the deadlock away at Pisa: “It’s very serious if you lose this game and it’s taken for granted if you win but it was an important win. It was the first game without the Coach, it was strange but we won and we’re happy. Kingsley listens to advice and he’s good. We’re giving him a hand because he can continue down this road with his performances. We have to try and be more united than we were last year. Everyone misses the Coach, we all have to look to deal with his absence through determination and application. I’m happy to have scored, I want to score more and my celebration was dedicated to two special people who have been with me since last year and I’m happy.

(Photo Bologna FC)