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Luciano Spalletti today took part in his customary pre-match press conference at the Suning Training Centre, as he discussed Inter’s clash against Benevento this Saturday:

“We’ve trained in the right manner this week, even though we’re not going through our best spell. The team has prepared well for the match against Benevento. De Zerbi is doing a great job and he’s helped his side regain enthusiasm, however, the final result will only depend on us. The fundamental thing now is getting back to winning ways. Only by succeeding out on the pitch can we get back on track. As for the upcoming #DerbyMilano being a distraction, it is crucial that we take each game as they come and not use our energy sparingly.”

The Nerazzurri coach also analysed his side’s current form: “We've been through a good and bad spell, but it's now on us to take it one way or another. The solution will come through working as a group and not as individuals. What disturbs things at times is a tendency not to fight right until the very end in every situation. However, ultimately what counts is professionalism, correct behaviour and the right ideas. I’ve seen the team respond well this week. 

“This is the group that we’ve chosen and I am sure that they will make life difficult for any opponent. Our rivals competing with us for Champions League qualification have important attributes, however, it’s obvious that this current form of ours must not continue. I've seen the lads working in the right manner and looking for something more, which is the reaction that we all want. We must show pride, demonstrating that we are different to how we've now been painted. Many words have already been said and the moment has now arrived where we must show something visible and concrete. Our only aim must be to win this match, overcoming the opponent out in front of us. As for what CEO Alessandro Antonello and Walter Sabatini had to say this week, it was pleasing to me and to everyone else. It means that we'll not be thrown off by just one match. Within the club, there is all that is needed to do well. Steven Zhang is someone of great competence. He's chosen people who can cover all the club's roles. We must do well in our roles to help us do well in the league."

Spalletti also responded to questions focused on a number of individual players: “Icardi has been called up, but it's better not to run the risk of giving him the full 90 minutes. We still have time to decide and we'll assess him tomorrow. Rafinha to start? We’ll see how he is. During the week he had a small problem, but today he took part in the full training session. We’ll see. He is a player that can give us an important helping hand. Miranda? He is in the same boat as Icardi. Like the others who are not at full fitness, they both still wanted to remain close to the team. They all had the desire to stay with the group and this sends me an important message. Brozovic? He has trained just as I expected, both last week and this week. He was sorry for what happened at San Siro in the game against Bologna and he's demonstrated this by also working hard in training.”

(Photo LaPresse)