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Roma coach Luciano Spalletti believes Edin Dzeko can be close to the "perfect striker" for his system - if he learns to improve in certain aspects of his game. The coach spoke to a Bosnian news outlet about Dzeko, and the qualities that has seen the forward enjoy a renaissance in his second season in Serie A TIM.

You've always believed in Edin Dzeko...
"If someone were to design a perfect striker on a computer, they'd come up with Edin. Obviously he needs to improve in some aspects but he's physically strong, tall, quick and has good technique. He's perfect. He needs to improve the aggressive side of his game, that's where he can get better. He has the qualities of a scrapper but he doesn't always use them. He needs to recognise certain moments in games and in life, which here are the same thing. Life is made up of a few very important moments and many less important ones, but you have to make sure you're ready for the important moments. It's the same with a football match."

Can you confirm your current midfielders are better than Miralem Pjanic?
"They're all better than Pjanic, even the kit men! I'm the Roma coach so for me the guys who are here now are better than everyone else. Pjanic is a superstar, but as long as he's at another club my players will always be better. He's a top player, fantastic."

Edin has always insisted he wants to stay at Roma:
"I like Edin's desire to remain here. When I arrived, I told him in my head the perfect striker is exactly like him. Obviously, since I often didn't play him last season it was difficult for him to believe me, but I don't tell lies to my players. It was important to me when he said he wanted to stay. Dealing with Edin, talking to him, you understand you're faced with a honest, decent and serious individual. I trust him."

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