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"I always analyse how the boys play and they were impeccable tonight", Luciano Spalletti began. "Winning against Palermo might have looked easy, but after big European games you always run the risk that concentration drops. Instead the players were fantastic tonight. They recharged the batteries, scoring goals and playing well".

Is it fair to say Roma got better as the game wore on?
"Yes, we didn't make the best of starts but Edin Dzeko's goal settled us down and relaxed us. He was very disappointed not to convert the easy chance from before, but his strike for 1-0 inspired the team. My players were great after that and hit the post immediately after taking the lead. We got even better in the second half, although we can still be more clinical and decisive sometimes when winning possession high up the pitch. Nevertheless, Roma played well as a team tonight." 

What's the main aim for the season now?
"To try and win game after game. The next match becomes important only when you win the one before, so getting a victory next time out is fundamental. We've done well in these first few games, for sure, but there are teams out there like Juventus who are doing even better so we need to continue this progress. Our competitors are showing that they've still got gas in the tank so we can't stop now."

Seydou Keita told us that he was sure you and Francesco Totti were at odds before but that tomorrow you'll celebrate. Is that the case?
"It's a nice way of putting it and I agree, that's the solution. Francesco was at the stadium today and joined us in the dressing room. He'll train tomorrow as usual. He had a moment of anger, which is even understandable in some respects because he's a football player and always wants to give more. There's been a lot of hot air and not much substance, but if the best player from the post-war era starts the rumours then obviously they're going to carry a significant weight."

Can you explain to us what happened?
"After the game against Real, I asked the players to put the loss behind them to avoid any psychological consequences. I asked everyone to put maximum concentration into the Palermo game, beseeching them like the head of a family. After I made that request, those comments came out which I thought could disrupt the team going into today's game. Therefore, I had to deal with Totti's knee-jerk reaction. I couldn't do otherwise because as coach I have to work with many players and not just one. That's just normal management of a group: If you do something extra for one individual you have to do it for the rest as well. I agree that Totti deserves respect for the legend that he is, but so do all the other players in the team."

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