Coppa Italia


Ahead of the #DerbyMilano with a TIM Cup semi-final place at stake, Luciano Spalletti spoke exclusively to Inter TV. "The derby is an extremely important match, in no way can it be seen as an ordinary match. This match provides qualification to the semi-final and we’ll have to give our all as a team."

After the trip to Sassuolo, Miranda and D’Ambrosio have had to drop out of the squad. "You need everyone to go far, they’re all vital, especially when you need to change things. We’ll do everything possible to have the players in condition and at the same time they can bring balance to the team." 

Inter started the season very well before two straight defeats in the league. "What’s good enough today might not be enough tomorrow. For us, our reference point needs to be giving the best of ourselves and in this recent period something below standard has been there despite good performances. We need to bring our results up to our level." 

Finally, there was discussion of how Inter and Milan are heading into the #DerbyMilano. "In the derby, it’s normal that the best team wins. You need to find yourself in the right situations and make the most of them. I’m expecting to see a sign because of how I know the guys, I know that they will take on the responsibility that I ask of them."

(Photo LaPresse)