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At the press conference to announce the partnership between Inter and Volvo where he was presented with a XC60, Luciano Spalletti responded to questions from journalists at Milan’s Volvo Studio. "This partnership is promising, it brings up memories of a winning period. It gives us strength, prestige and responsibility. Football needs these brands. Furthermore, this collaboration lasts for three years so we can’t change car or the coach in this period!".

At this point of the season, it was inevitable that there would be questions about the #DerbyMilano. "It’s an insane match, marvellous. You can feel the different atmosphere in the city, we can feel the heartbeat of our fans and we feel the sense of responsability, but we have to be calm ahead of the game and have a clear idea. The absence of international players complicates things but we’re used to it and we need to be a bit more fortunate with travel time and the energy used. We’re looking to be ready for every eventuality but this is football and you don’t get a lot of time and so you need to try to recover quickly."

The Coach then discussed his team’s results so far. "We’ve got a lot of points but it could have been more," he added. "We need to create the possibility to do something significant. We need to improve more and do better, we’re working on this. I see the players are very willing and I"m convinced the guys are taking on my ideas. This is the right path but it’s still a long road and nobody will give us anything."

Furthermore, there was a comment on the news from Argentina about Icardi’s condition and VAR. "We were a bit surprised but our staff is in contact with Argentina and it’s under control. Mauro trained normally today. Am I in favour of VAR? We absolutely need to move forward, improvements have been seen and technology helps on the pitch. I already said there were clear benefits and I don’t understand those who want to remain behind."

(Photo LaPresse)