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Luciano Spalletti today held his pre-match press conference at the Suning Training Centre, with the Nerazzurri coach speaking ahead of tomorrow evening’s match against Crotone: “We have the quality, numbers and characteristics to aim for the Champions League.

“Icardi is not available. He would like to play even from home but this is not possible. He has a muscle problem and we thought it was best not to risk him. Emmers will be called up. As for what this will change, we will be missing a Capocannoniere, but Eder will take his place. He can create spaces and link up well with the midfield. Tomorrow there will be times when we won't know who'll be in the box to finish. There will probably be about two or three players who we wouldn't expect. Rafinha will definitely play a part in tomorrow's match".

“One can reach their goals through many different ways, not only by spending more money than those who have it. Tomorrow we must work in a serious and proper manner, staying true to our sporting values and not letting them mislead us. At the end of the year, there will be more resources, knowledge and data. Nothing is owed to us, but it is essential not to create false expectations. False expectations can lead to great disappointment and can create unease among fans and those at the club. We must be focused on our own colours and our own squad. From all the talk and the names that have been banded around, the players wrongly thought that they must be replaced. Since the start of the year, I’ve always said the same things to them".

“Our directors have done well considering the market conditions. I'm not happy with myself because I must do more than what I've done so far. I think particularly hard on what I must do. Many players have been mentioned, some of whom I was unaware of. Now the important thing is to get back securing results. We must demonstrate the many qualities that we have here and look at those which have permitted us to be coaches and players at Inter. We must move past this current spell and get back to our best. Rafinha is a top quality player".

“Social media? These things entertain us and help bring us together. However, one must take into account the effect that it has on the fans, who find themselves thinking that their passion is not in the hands of real professionals. Our players give everything to try and get a result. They put in the work and they want to give everything for our fans.Statistics? There have been five assists from Perisic for Icardi. Icardi receives the most passes from Perisic, Vecino and then Brozovic".

“We will be facing a Crotone side that has a renewed sense of enthusiasm. I got to know Zenga when he was working in the same kind of area as me when I was at Zenit. He is a good coach with plenty of experience. We must keep hold of the ball, push forward from the back with pace and quality, and successfully break them down.”

“I want to thank our fans for once again for turning up at the San Siro and contributing towards a 50,000 attendance. This will be the case again tomorrow. They are mature and their actions show that they continue to believe in us. They deserve respect. Over time you need energy, strength and hard work. Harsh words also occasionally need to be said if needed. As a whole, we must always put the good of Inter before anything else. In every situation, whether it be behavioural or mental.”

(Photo LaPresse)