Serie A TIM


Ahead of Udinese vs. Inter on matchday 35 of the Serie A TIM season, Luciano Spalletti met the media at the Suning Training Centre. "All of the next four games can be decisive, you also need to evaluate how many points our opponents will get. There are six teams competing for two spots. To play against a team fighting to stay up with four games left is like a six-pointer in terms of how difficult it is. It’s a difficult match because of the situation in the league table and the importance of the goal that we’re playing for in these final fixtures. It’s vital that we try and win."

On the opponents and the importance of the match: "Lazio are a really good team, some results have gone against teams but they’re all still in it and moving up and down. There are also match-ups against teams fighting to stay up. It’s impossible to say what could happen to Atalanta, Torino or Milan also. We played very well against Juventus but also against Roma, we need to see the same things against Udinese. It’s vital that we give the performance and the result the same level of importance. At times, it makes the difference and those falls in terms of tension that we’ve spoken about also occur thanks to thinking in that way. During the week, you prepare differently for the difficulties you’ll face in the match. If you train well during the week, you’re ready for the match. If not, you never are because training is vitally important."

Finally, a look to the future: "For me, the future is Udinese vs. Inter, then Inter vs. Chievo, then the Napoli result ahead of training for Inter vs. Empoli. These are my objectives, not one player or another. The future is what’s good for Inter, doing well in matches and training."

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