Serie A TIM


It was press conference time at the Suning Training Centre for Luciano Spalletti ahead of the match away at Sassuolo. “It’s vital for us to react and lift ourselves after the defeat to Udinese,” he began. “In July, we were looking to find the right path and we found it, we don’t need a back-up plan following the loss last Saturday, we’ll keep doing the things that we’ve always done with the same sense of conviction".

"It’s understood that even the best teams can stumble into defeat, as a coach I’m very intrigued by the quality of this squad and in training the players always give me the right responses. On the pitch, the desire to improve every day counts and my players aren’t lacking in this. Because of this, I have total faith and I can trust in all of them because they work in the correct manner. We’re all part of the problem but we’re also all part of the solution. That’s how it has to be. We need to know how to manage every situation, our journey started recently and we’ll take on everything that’s in our way. We have what we need to achieve the objectives that were set.” 

Spalletti also had this to say about the upcoming winter transfer window: “New arrivals? Our directors will know how to deal with any eventual possibilities that could prove useful. However, we must continue pushing forward on our path. Nobody has asked to leave in January. I want players who ask to win more, not play more. Appearance stats don't have an impact on the table. Joao Mario? He is a strong Inter player and if he is fit then I can definitely use him. Some players will have interest from other clubs, Skriniar for example. This is obvious because he is a great player who plays every match as if his life depends on it.”

As for Inter playing over the Christmas period: “It is not a problem to play during the holidays. The most important thing is to have stadiums that are good enough. Teams play during this period across all different parts of the world, therefore I don’t think there is anything strange about it.”

(Photo LaPresse)