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The Nerazzurri got back to winning ways at home against Bologna and the next fixture will be against another Rossoblu side in Genoa at Marassi. Luciano Spalletti spoke ahead of the match on Saturday night.

“With Icardi and Perisic, evaluations were made. We always want to have them with us in the group but we weren’t certain that we could have them available for a match with the tempo that we’re expecting to see on Saturday. However, we do have players who’ve been called up to the cause and they’ve shown that they’ve got quality. Those who went off injured against Bologna have not had any further relapses and there has been no reduction in their training time.”

“Rafinha doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs, he’s working during the week to get more playing time. At the moment, with him on the pitch we need to expect that the team will have to cover for a reduced input from him. Karamoh is technical and a devastating runner but there’s still work to be done as he’s still young and developing.”

“Gagliardini? When the pressing is higher up the pitch he, makes a difference. He has good moments and bad moments like all the rest. For me, he’s on the same level as everyone here. Candreva is never under discussion, at the end of the season you’ll see all of his running, crossing, assist and goal statistics and all of the figures will be in place.”

“At Inter we’re citizens of the sky who live on the earth, we’re not depressed. The work we’ve done so far has brought us up to third place. There are still things that we must do better because even in the last match there were things that I didn’t like in terms of quality and looking to make things happen when we had numerical superiority. We’re capable of going and winning against Genoa even if they’re in superb form and they beat Lazio at the Olimpico. We won’t make excuses or take half measures.”

“Will we miss goals from Icardi and Perisic? Against Bologna we won with goals from Eder and Karamoh, we’ve already had to face this situation and we got by. Eder bailed us out even though it was being said that he had to leave.

“I can see interest, participation and willingness to learn. After the enthusiasm following a win fades, some difficulty remains after recent performances above all in terms of the team’s overall quality. Will something be changed? Apart from the individual roles, there’s an absolute need to change the system.

“Brozovic was sorry about that gesture as soon as he got back in the changing room. The message on social media was important, he then trained very well and was very willing with the team during the week. Tomorrow, he won’t start but if we need him I’ll put him on and he’ll be aware that he needs to show all his quality. Skriniar? You’ll see that he’ll stay to play with Inter for a long time.”

(Photo LaPresse)