Serie A TIM


"When you concede a late goal like that, it’s inevitable that you’ll be left with a bitter taste in the mouth," said Luciano Spalletti straight after the match between Spal and Inter at the Stadio Mazza. “Even when we were winning, there were points in which we weren’t able to build on our strong points. We need to find a balance in how we act, we all need be on the same page mentally."

“We broke the deadlock, had chances to double the lead but then we weren’t fluid in our decision making. Once it became a more physical game, we weren’t at their level. Something is missing when you get these results but there’s not a concrete answer of what that is. At some times we do everything well, in others we get everything wrong. We need to get our hands dirty and show who we really are.”

“We struggled to find space, we moved the ball too slowly even if was possible to make the most of our qualities with better decision making. In the end, we didn’t live up to the situation and take control of the match that it had become. We need to work better and find more solutions without becoming timid.”

“This situation isn’t helping us because it’s forcing us to play with more tension and it becomes harder to make decisions but we do need more strength and self-confidence. We need a strong reaction.”

(Photo LaPresse)