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With Inter preparing for their final home match of the season against Sassuolo this Saturday, Luciano Spalletti today held his pre-match press conference at the Suning Training Centre.

"I really enjoyed Inter Forever’s visit,” said Spalletti. “They demonstrated what it means to have a sense of belonging. They made an important contribution in terms of their quality and out on the pitch a lot of them could still show what they can do. San Siro is beautiful even when it’s empty, so to see it completely clad out in the black and blue, as it will be tomorrow, will be like it’s totally dressed up for the occasion.

"The desire to play in the right way and then to win will be decisive. We lost against them in the reverse fixture so we’ll need to show maximum respect, however, I’ve seen the lads training in the right way. This season has been like a long tournament. Now we have to play in a semi-final to put ourselves in a position to eventually play in the final during the next round of fixtures.

"We’ll evaluate Miranda between tonight and tomorrow morning. To not play him was already a precautionary matter. We’ll talk about Gagliardini next week. Vecino still has to be assessed, there’s a lot behind this match but first of all, we have to win. Borja Valero is a maestro in linking up different parts of the team and playing in traffic.

"A year ago, we weren’t at this point and the difference can be seen in the points tally. I’m happy with what the team are now showing from a technical point of view and, as a Coach, I think that they’re in a position to please an Inter crowd that knows a lot about football.

“In general, the work put in by the team and the club is worth a good pass. It’s now becoming increasingly clear where we need to intervene, while this year we’ll have a stronger perspective of things.  Tomorrow night, there will be 70,000 fans present and they also have to be considered in our plans, we have to show them what we want to do.

"From his first day, Skriniar showed that he wants to play for Inter above all else. Then, he showed from his first minute inside the dressing room that he wants to get results game after game. He’s one of these strong men with a strong destiny".

(Photo LaPresse)