Serie A TIM


The 2017-18 Serie A TIM season is set for a midweek round with Luciano Spalletti’s Inter up against Cagliari tomorrow at San Siro in the 33rd match of the league campaign. The first question at the pre-match press conference was on the race for Champions League qualification: “We created the chance to manage things for ourselves but considering how results have gone, we can’t do that anymore in the next six matches. I don’t know how many points will be required to qualify, but we need to analyse the situation match by match at this time. Tomorrow, to win is our only goal. The fact that we’re going into the game not having scored much in recent games can’t influence the analysis of our performances.”

“We always need to show something more, be it individually or collectively. We must be more demanding with regard to our finishing because we’ve prepared well and the team has created chances. The step that we have to take isn’t a huge one, it’s part of our development and we need to get back on track in the coming matches. We know what our objective is and where we want to end up. In terms of character, I expect something to click that shows that we’re aware of the situation that we’re in. The numbers are to be analysed at the end but we’re in a position to read them in a positive manner.”

There were then questions on the shape that individual players are in and on the tactical scheme. “Rafinha is fine but it’s normal that he needs more time to recover after a long period out and you don’t know what to expect in the next match. Evaluations are to be made day by day, training session by training session. Candreva? We’ll have a look at him today but he did work with the ball yesterday and took part in training. More playing time for Karamoh?  It’s true that he came on a bit late in Bergamo but it wasn’t a straightforward match. I’m convinced that he can be useful from here on until the end of the season. A three-man or four-man defence? I’m comfortable with either, I just need to pick the best solution to be more unpredictable.”

(Photo LaPresse)