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14/04/2013 Trieste
Referee: Domenico Celi 
Cagliari Inter
63' - Pinilla (R)
77' - Pinilla

Lineups Goal
Agazzi Michael
Perico Gabriele
Rossettini Luca
Astori Davide
Murru Nicola
Ekdal Albin 86'
Conti Daniele
Dessena Daniele 57'
Thiago Ribeiro
Cossu Andrea 7'
Ibarbo Victor
Lineups Goal
Handanovic Samir
Zanetti Javier
Silvestre Matías Agustin
Juan Jesus
Álvaro Pereira
Cambiasso Esteban Matías 67'
Gargano 53'
Álvarez Ricardo
Kovacic Mateo
Rocchi Tommaso

Substitutes Goal
Casarini Federico 86'
Pinilla 57' 2  
Cabrera Matías 7'
Anedda Riccardo
Ariaudo Lorenzo
Sau Marco
Substitutes Goal
Nagatomo Yuto 67' 75'
Samuel Walter 75'
Kuzmanovic Zdravko 53'
Belec Vid
Carrizo Juan Pablo
Ranocchia Andrea
Benassi Marco
Forte Francesco
Belloni Niccolò

Ivo Pulga
Andrea Stramaccioni

Match Statistics (Full Time)
Cagliari Inter
40% possession (*) 60
5 / 11Attempts on target / Total Attempts 6 / 19
523Balls played 668
63.3% successful passes 73.2
08':42"Pitch domination 15':06"
47.9% goal attack 40.0
60.0% goal defense 52.1
57.2% attacking plays 47.1
10Fouls committed 16
2Corners 9
Record men (Full Time)
Recovered balls Successful passes Shots
29 Nicola Murru (CAGLIARI) 27 40 Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus (INTER) 59 14 Fredy Alejandro Guarin Vásquez (INTER) 5
40 Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus (INTER) 20 19 Esteban Matías Cambiasso (INTER) 56 11 Ricardo Gabriel Alvarez (INTER) 4
31 Alvaro Daniel Pereira Barragan (INTER) 17 21 Walter Alejandro Gargano Guevara (INTER) 55 51 Mauricio Ricardo Ferreira Pinilla (CAGLIARI) 4
1 Michael Agazzi (CAGLIARI) 17 4 Javier Adelmar Zanetti (INTER) 50 40 Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus (INTER) 3
15 Luca Rossettini (CAGLIARI) 17 10 Mateo Kovacic (INTER) 46 18 Tommaso Rocchi (INTER) 2
21 Walter Alejandro Gargano Guevara (INTER) 15 11 Ricardo Gabriel Alvarez (INTER) 44 19 Esteban Matías Cambiasso (INTER) 2
Pitch Coverage (Full Time)
Cagliari Inter

The graphical display shows in which areas the team has played more. The darker the football field, the more frequently the team played in that position.

ratio between the ball possession of one team's players and total time of the ball in play. The ball possession of a team is calculated as a sum of each single player's ball possession, that is calculated from when the player takes the ball (i.e. from when he touches the ball for the first time or from when he kicks a free kick) until when he loses possession of the ball (i.e. when the ball is touched by another player or when the ball goes out the pitch or when the referee stops the action). The data is noted by a "spotter" watching TV live with an estimated error of 5% due to replays and changes of the cameras.

As results taken in real time during the game disciplinary sanctions and statistics are unofficial.
Information will be official upon approval by the relevant organizing bodies.

Match report data powered by PANINI DIGITAL


team   matches
Juventus 86372683
Roma 703719135
Lazio 663720611
Napoli 633718910
Fiorentina 6137171010
Genoa 5937161110
Sampdoria 553713168
Inter 5237131311
Torino 5137131212
Milan 4937121312
Palermo 4637111313
Sassuolo 4637111313
Hellas Verona 4537111214
ChievoVerona 4337101314
Empoli 423781811
Udinese 4137101116
Atalanta 373771614
Cagliari 313771020
Cesena 243741221
Parma  (*) 18376724

(*) Parma -7 pts