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07/10/2012 Angelo Massimino - Catania
Referee: Gianpaolo Calvarese 
Catania Parma
2' - Gómez Alejandro
80' - Bergessio Gonzalo Ruben

Lineups Goal
Andújar Mariano Gonzalo
Álvarez Valeira Pablo Sebastián
Legrottaglie Nicola
Bellusci Giuseppe
Marchese Giovanni
Izco Mariano Julio
Lodi Francesco
Almirón Sergio Bernardo 89'
Barrientos Pablo 74'
Bergessio Gonzalo Ruben 1  
Gómez Alejandro 88' 1  
Lineups Goal
Mirante Antonio
Benalouane Yohan 69'
Paletta Gabriel Alejandro
Lucarelli Alessandro
Biabiany Jonathan Ludovic
Parolo Marco 77'
Galloppa Daniele
Gobbi Massimo
Belfodil Ishak 63'

Substitutes Goal
Ricchiuti Adrian 89'
Biagianti Marco 74'
Castro Lucas Nahuel 88'
Frison Alberto
Messina Giuseppe
Salifu Amidu
Morimoto Takayuki
Doukara Souleymane
Substitutes Goal
Zaccardo Cristian 77'
Pabón Dorlan 63'
Pavarini Nicola
Bajza Pavol
Fideleff Ignacio
Acquah Afriyie
Musacci Gianluca
Morrone Stefano
Ninis Sotiris
Rosi Aleandro
Marchionni Marco
Sansone Nicola Domenico

Rolando Maran
Roberto Donadoni

Match Statistics (Full Time)
Catania Parma
46% possession (*) 54
7 / 9Attempts on target / Total Attempts 0 / 13
427Balls played 516
58.9% successful passes 68.4
06':19"Pitch domination 12':16"
47.6% goal attack 46.4
53.6% goal defense 52.4
52.4% attacking plays 26.9
16Fouls committed 23
2Corners 10
Record men (Full Time)
Recovered balls Successful passes Shots
21 Mariano Gonzalo Andujar (CATANIA) 16 10 Jaime Andrés Zapata Valdes (PARMA) 72 88 Dorlan Mauricio Pabón Ríos (PARMA) 4
12 Giovanni Marchese (CATANIA) 15 6 Alessandro Lucarelli (PARMA) 40 9 Gonzalo Rubén Bergessio (CATANIA) 3
14 Giuseppe Bellusci (CATANIA) 15 29 Gabriel Alejandro Paletta (PARMA) 39 7 Jonathan Ludovic Biabiany (PARMA) 2
6 Alessandro Lucarelli (PARMA) 15 8 Daniele Galloppa (PARMA) 37 10 Jaime Andrés Zapata Valdes (PARMA) 2
29 Gabriel Alejandro Paletta (PARMA) 15 18 Massimo Gobbi (PARMA) 34 8 Daniele Galloppa (PARMA) 1
83 Antonio Mirante (PARMA) 14 13 Mariano Julio Izco (CATANIA) 32 16 Marco Parolo (PARMA) 1
Pitch Coverage (Full Time)
Catania Parma

The graphical display shows in which areas the team has played more. The darker the football field, the more frequently the team played in that position.

ratio between the ball possession of one team's players and total time of the ball in play. The ball possession of a team is calculated as a sum of each single player's ball possession, that is calculated from when the player takes the ball (i.e. from when he touches the ball for the first time or from when he kicks a free kick) until when he loses possession of the ball (i.e. when the ball is touched by another player or when the ball goes out the pitch or when the referee stops the action). The data is noted by a "spotter" watching TV live with an estimated error of 5% due to replays and changes of the cameras.

As results taken in real time during the game disciplinary sanctions and statistics are unofficial.
Information will be official upon approval by the relevant organizing bodies.

Match report data powered by PANINI DIGITAL


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