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02/12/2012 Artemio Franchi - Firenze
Referee: Paolo Valeri 
Fiorentina Sampdoria
21' - Savic Stefan 48' - Krsticic Nenad
75' - Savic Stefan 72' - Gonzalo Rodríguez (A)

Lineups Goal
Viviano Emiliano
Tomovic Nenad
Gonzalo Rodríguez (1)
Savic Stefan 2  
Cuadrado Bello Juan Guillermo
Rômulo 59'
Pizarro Cortes David Marcelo
Borja Valero 86'
Pasqual Manuel
Mati Fernández 70'
El Hamdaoui Mounir
Lineups Goal
Da Costa Angelo Esmael Junior
Mustafi Shkodran 90'
Gastaldello Daniele
Rossini Jonathan
Berardi Gaetano
Maresca Enzo 71'
Krsticic Nenad 85' 1  
Tissone Fernando Damián
Poli Andrea 81'
Icardi Mauro Emanuel

Substitutes Goal
Seferovic Haris 59'
Migliaccio Giulio 86'
Aquilani Alberto 70'
Lupatelli Cristiano
Hegazi Ahmed Elsayed
Roncaglia Facundo Sebastian
Cassani Mattia
Della Rocca Francesco
Llama Cristian Ezequiel
Zohore Kenneth
Substitutes Goal
Munari Gianni 71'
Estigarribia Marcelo 85'
Soriano Roberto 81'
Berni Tommaso
Castellini Paolo
Poulsen Simon
De Silvestri Lorenzo
Juan Antonio
Austoni Gianluca
Falcone Wladimiro

Vincenzo Montella
Ciro Ferrara

Match Statistics (Full Time)
Fiorentina Sampdoria
62% possession (*) 38
6 / 16Attempts on target / Total Attempts 4 / 8
717Balls played 460
71.9% successful passes 58.4
13':22"Pitch domination 05':29"
51.0% goal attack 53.1
46.9% goal defense 49.0
64.5% attacking plays 47.3
8Fouls committed 16
8Corners 2
Record men (Full Time)
Recovered balls Successful passes Shots
2 Gonzalo Javier Rodriguez (FIORENTINA) 27 15 Stefan Savic (FIORENTINA) 80 6 Enzo Maresca (SAMPDORIA) 3
40 Nenad Tomovic (FIORENTINA) 27 2 Gonzalo Javier Rodriguez (FIORENTINA) 74 11 Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello (FIORENTINA) 3
15 Stefan Savic (FIORENTINA) 27 40 Nenad Tomovic (FIORENTINA) 73 15 Stefan Savic (FIORENTINA) 3
28 Daniele Gastaldello (SAMPDORIA) 19 7 David Marcelo Pizarro Cortes (FIORENTINA) 70 25 Nenad Krsticic (SAMPDORIA) 2
7 David Marcelo Pizarro Cortes (FIORENTINA) 17 20 Borja Valero Iglesias (FIORENTINA) 43 14 Matías Ariel Fernández (FIORENTINA) 2
12 Fernando Damian Tissone (SAMPDORIA) 15 23 Manuel Pasqual (FIORENTINA) 41 12 Fernando Damian Tissone (SAMPDORIA) 2
Pitch Coverage (Full Time)
Fiorentina Sampdoria

The graphical display shows in which areas the team has played more. The darker the football field, the more frequently the team played in that position.

ratio between the ball possession of one team's players and total time of the ball in play. The ball possession of a team is calculated as a sum of each single player's ball possession, that is calculated from when the player takes the ball (i.e. from when he touches the ball for the first time or from when he kicks a free kick) until when he loses possession of the ball (i.e. when the ball is touched by another player or when the ball goes out the pitch or when the referee stops the action). The data is noted by a "spotter" watching TV live with an estimated error of 5% due to replays and changes of the cameras.

As results taken in real time during the game disciplinary sanctions and statistics are unofficial.
Information will be official upon approval by the relevant organizing bodies.

Match report data powered by PANINI DIGITAL


team   matches
Juventus 57241761
Roma 48241392
Napoli 45241365
Lazio 40241248
Fiorentina 39241095
Sampdoria 36248124
Genoa 3624996
Inter 3524987
Milan 34258107
Torino 3324897
Palermo 3324897
Sassuolo 29246117
Udinese 2823779
Empoli 27245127
Hellas Verona 25246711
ChievoVerona 25256712
Atalanta 23245811
Cagliari 20244812
Cesena 16243714
Parma  (*) 10233218

(*) Parma -1 pt