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11/09/2011 Via del Mare - Lecce
Referee: Antonio Damato 
Lecce Udinese
2' - Basta Dusan
16' - Di Natale Antonio

  • Il difensore serbo Dusan Basta ha realizzato la prima rete in serie A da quando gioca in Italia.
Lineups Goal
Julio Sergio
Tomovic Nenad
Esposito Andrea
Ferrario Stefano
Mesbah Djamel Eddine
Obodo Christian
Giandonato Manuel 51'
Giacomazzi Guillermo
Cuadrado Bello Juan Guillermo 77'
Di Michele David
Corvia Daniele 64'
Lineups Goal
Handanovic Samir
Ekstrand Joel
Domizzi Maurizio
Pasquale Giovanni 89'
Basta Dusan 1  
Badu Emmanuel Agyemang
Asamoah Kwadwo
Pinzi Giampiero
Torje Gabriel 68'
Di Natale Antonio 77' 1  

Substitutes Goal
Bertolacci Andrea 51'
Piatti Ignacio 77'
Ofere Edward 64'
Petrachi Davide
Brivio Davide
Grossmüller Carlos
Falcone Luigi
Substitutes Goal
Neuton 89'
Abdi Almen 68'
Barreto 77'
Padelli Daniele
Doubai Tape Mousse Thierry
Sissoko Abdoul Wahlid
Pereyra Roberto Maximiliano

Eusebio Di Francesco
Francesco Guidolin

Match Statistics (Full Time)
Lecce Udinese
51% possession (*) 49
3 / 17Attempts on target / Total Attempts 4 / 14
530Balls played 533
70.2% successful passes 68.8
13':15"Pitch domination 08':06"
45.7% goal attack 54.4
45.6% goal defense 54.3
33.5% attacking plays 50.4
18Fouls committed 9
8Corners 5
Record men (Full Time)
Recovered balls Successful passes Shots
11 Djamel Mesbah (LECCE) 27 66 Giampiero Pinzi (UDINESE) 66 17 David Di Michele (LECCE) 5
24 Joel Ekstrand (UDINESE) 22 11 Djamel Mesbah (LECCE) 59 25 Gabriel Torje (UDINESE) 4
13 Stefano Ferrario (LECCE) 21 40 Nenad Tomovic (LECCE) 45 10 Antonio Di Natale (UDINESE) 4
5 Danilo Larangeira (UDINESE) 16 8 Dusan Basta (UDINESE) 40 7 Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello (LECCE) 3
11 Maurizio Domizzi (UDINESE) 15 8 Udubuesi Christian Obodo (LECCE) 37 20 Kwadwo Asamoah (UDINESE) 2
8 Dusan Basta (UDINESE) 14 7 Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu (UDINESE) 36 5 Danilo Larangeira (UDINESE) 2
Pitch Coverage (Full Time)
Lecce Udinese

The graphical display shows in which areas the team has played more. The darker the football field, the more frequently the team played in that position.

ratio between the ball possession of one team's players and total time of the ball in play. The ball possession of a team is calculated as a sum of each single player's ball possession, that is calculated from when the player takes the ball (i.e. from when he touches the ball for the first time or from when he kicks a free kick) until when he loses possession of the ball (i.e. when the ball is touched by another player or when the ball goes out the pitch or when the referee stops the action). The data is noted by a "spotter" watching TV live with an estimated error of 5% due to replays and changes of the cameras.

As results taken in real time during the game disciplinary sanctions and statistics are unofficial.
Information will be official upon approval by the relevant organizing bodies.

Match report data powered by PANINI DIGITAL


team   matches
Juventus 73322273
Lazio 59321859
Roma 583215134
Napoli 56321688
Sampdoria 503212146
Fiorentina 493213109
Genoa 473212119
Torino 473212119
Inter 453211129
Milan 433210139
Palermo 4132101111
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Udinese 383291112
ChievoVerona 373291013
Sassuolo 363281212
Empoli 35326179
Atalanta 313261313
Cagliari 24325918
Cesena 233241117
Parma  (*) 16326521

(*) Parma -7 pts