UEFA Champions League


Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media about tonight's Champions League match between Liverpool and Napoli.

We know what to expect from Liverpool. We know all about the tempo they play at but we have to focus first and foremost on our own game. If we're smart in defence and incisive in attack, we have an excellent chance of going through. The reverse fixture gives us confidence but we don't know if we'll be able to reproduce that performance. We certainly won't sit back and let Liverpool come at us. We believe in our ability and our potential. A lot of what happens on the pitch is down to us, but it also depends on how Liverpool play. We have this final step to take and we believe we can take it even at a very tough ground like Anfield.”

This game couldn't define how good a season this is for Napoli: "This isn't a watershed moment to determine how good we are. I don't need tomorrow's [today's] match to know how good my team is. It's a match that will determine whether or not we reach the next round. Our season will continue with or without Champions League football and we'll move on to all the other matches we have to play. It's a head-to-head clash that we go into with a slight advantage in the standings. We've already made the cake – now we just need to add the cherry on top.

Anfield is famous for the extremely passionate supporters: "I don't think we'll be affected by the atmosphere. Anfield has one of the best crowds in the world but it's good for us to play in an atmosphere like that too. Besides, we'll have 3,000 Neapolitans supporting us from the stands and more than 40 million Napoli fans cheering for us from their homes around the world.

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