UEFA Champions League


Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the pre-match press conference on the eve of Napol-PSG, Champions League Group stage match.

"The group is in good shape. We’ve recovered well after Friday. We know how important the game is but we know what we need to do. The objective is to play to the best of our potential. We’re ready we have the right level of motivation".

Coach Ancelotti explained the differences between his PSG and today's PSG: "There have been several years of work, with me they were under construction and now the project has been realised. There isn't much missing for their ultimate objective of winning the Champions League, or being among the best teams in Europe, because PSG are already among the best teams in Europe".

Napoli tomorrow won't play for the draw: "The group is very undecided at the moment. I don’t think either of the teams will be hedging their bets because it’s so open. They will definitely come here to try to win because that’s the mentality that big teams have. The fact that things are balance is in our favour because we we’re the third wheel when the draw was made and yet we’re here competing with Liverpool and PSG after three games. That shows that we’re doing the right things. We won’t be hedging our bets either. We’re working hard to improve with a view to both Serie A and the Champions League. Tomorrow we will need to produce a wonderful performance because when you take on teams like PSG, you need to find the next level, a regular performance isn’t enough".

The support of San Paolo stadium will be determinant: "We all know that the whole city is going to be behind us. The support of the fans can be decisive but only if we’re determined, concentrated and courageous on the pitch. A lot will depend on our performance tomorrow".

(Photo Getty Images)