Serie A TIM


Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the pre-match press conference on the eve of Genoa-Napoli, Serie A TIM 12th Round.

"There are lots of dangers in tomorrow’s game, this is a ground that left us with horrible memories earlier in the season. We’re up against a very motivated side with intense support. We put a lot into our match against PSG and it’ll be maturity that allows us to maximise the ability we have. I expect it to be an intense and very physical contest. It’s important to consider the physical aspect of things, as that will be a key feature of the game, as well as technique".

When asked about the team needs to improve, the coach said: "We need to be consistent, determined and improve in our reading of in-game situations. We need to improve our finishing and a number of other small things. I’m expecting growth in many areas. Against PSG, for example, we had two different games, dependent on moments in the match. We had to change strategy and attitude, and you need to know when to do that in every match. Our attitude can decide whether a match is straightforward or not. Regardless of who we’re up against, our performance decides how tough a match is. You might think a game will be a particular way, then you get out onto the pitch and it’s completely different".

About Lorenzo Insigne’s performance in his new role, Ancelotti said: "Insigne is doing very well, putting the change of position aside. It often happens that new tweaks give you a boost, but what I’ve been surprised about is Lorenzo’s consistency. That’s the most important thing".

He also spoke about the team objectives: "Our objective in Serie A TIM is to do all we can to get close to Juventus. They’re going very strongly and it’s up to us to chase them down. This has always been a united and harmonious group. The collective character is something that makes a difference and I’m very happy with that. Playing in the Champions League takes it out of you, both physically and mentally. You need extra effort to avoid unexpected hitches, but it’s a risk that’s worth taking because it’s the biggest cup competition, and Napoli are a team that deserve to compete in it".

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