UEFA Europa League


Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the pre-match press conference ahead of today's match aganst Arsenal, in the UEFA Europa League Quarter-finals first leg.

We are ready for this match,” the head coach said from the conference room before his team trained for the final time before tomorrow’s game. “It will be tough but not decisive.

About tactical point of view: “Any team needs to know exactly what to do, both when defending and attacking. I believe the key is clarity. The clearer you are on how you need to play, the more confidence you’ll have. We need to know exactly what to do tomorrow.

On the last two league games: “I don’t know what atmosphere you’re talking about. In my atmosphere, or rather in Napoli’s, there is no bad feeling. There may be disappointment and an awareness that in our last two games we weren’t brilliant, but nine days ago we beat Roma. To judge things properly you need to consider the whole season and so far the team has shown reliability and confidence. I am not worried about the last two performances but I am certain that if we focus well on our strategy, we’ll perform well tomorrow on the pitch.

The Azzurri's coach was asked if the result of the first leg will be decisive for qualification: “No. Tomorrow can affect the outcome of the tie at the San Paolo. We’re playing the second leg at home and qualification will be decided in Naples. This is for sure.

About  Arsenal: “To start with, we’re talking about a hugely prestigious club and we’re honoured to play in a quarter final against such a renowned team as Arsenal. Emery is more of a specialist in this competition than me and certainly that brings more difficulties for us. However, once again, we’re ready for the match. If we weren’t ready we wouldn’t be here.

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