UEFA Champions League


Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli's coach, spoke at the pre-match media conference on Tuesday, where he acknowledged the importance of his side's two meetings with the French champions.

Tomorrow is a very important match but it won't be decisive because we have to play them at our place afterwards. Looking at the two matches together they are going to be difficult and may well prove to be decisive. Tomorrow is the first of the two and we'll try to do our best".

You faced PSG when you were at Bayern Munich. How will this game be different?  “I came here last year with Bayern and I could sense confidence only in four or five players. This year I'm coming here with Napoli and I sense confidence in all the players and the club as a whole. So I have different sensations going into the game".

How much of your PSG team is left today? “PSG have an incredible squad with world-class players. They have different players to when I was coaching them and we all know how good they are. Beating Liverpool was a big confidence boost for us and we'll go out there determined to show what we can do. That's all we can do – show what we're capable of. I don't know if it will be enough but we'll find out come the final whistle. One thing's for sure: we'll be playing a team that's been put together with the aim of winning the Champions League".

How you got a strategy to stop PSG from playing, as you did Liverpool?

The best strategy is to make our players feel calm so that they can express themselves properly. We must be extremely focused for the entire game but we also need confidence in our ability. More than any strategy what matters is your application and focus. It's the players who put the tactics into practice and to do that they must be intelligent and brave. If you're not brave, you may as well stay at home. If we're here, it means we're brave".

You don't start out as favourites to win tomorrow's game. Do you find that motivating? “We're not interested in whether we're favourites or not because it doesn't mean anything. Objectively speaking, when they draw was made Napoli were considered the third strongest of the group. But if we're coming here as a team to be feared, it must mean something".

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