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Napoli's coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke after the Azzurri ran out 3-0 winners against Liverpool in Edinburgh.

"It was a fantastic display, but we mustn't get carried away. What matters during this part of the year is hard work.

"We didn't get depressed when we lost 5-0 last year and by the same token, we shouldn't be euphoric after this 3-0 win. These are important tests, but above all, they are useful for evaluating just how much the team has improved.

"In this regard I'm very pleased. We were heavy-legged against Cremonese, but that wasn't the case out there today and we expressed ourselves well.

"It's still pre-season and it wouldn't be right for all our players to already be at their physical peak. It's a period of the season in which we need to keep going and train hard as part of our intense programme.

"We were the fresher side out there today and you could see that. I saw that the lads had the desire to show what we've proved in the last month, including on a tactical level, and I'm very pleased with how it went."

With regard to Jose Callejon's midfield cameo, Ancelotti said, "Jose is a great player for us to have, given that he can play everywhere and his versatile attributes make him unique. It wasn't an experiment because I know what Callejon can do in that position. He performed today as if he'd been playing in midfield for 15 years."

The boss also heaped praise on Lorenzo Insigne who caused the Liverpool rearguard all sorts of problems with his weaving runs inside from the left flank: "That's his position. I know all about Lorenzo's qualities and we saw them last season up until December as well. He's a real talent and a crucial player for us."

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