UEFA Europa League


Carlo Ancelotti has told Napoli to forget about their first-leg win over Red Bull Salzburg and start from scratch when they take to the field in Austria on Thursday evening.

3-0 is a good result to take into this game but we mustn't think about the first one. We must aim to play the way we're capable of and try to win tomorrow too. Salzburg will go on the attack and throw everything they have at us. That won't change the way we play though. We've come here to impose our game.

The Azzurri travel to Salzburg following a below-par display at Sassuolo on Sunday – something Ancelotti puts down to their Europa League exertions: "We weren't at our best against Sassuolo but it's always tricky when you have a league fixture sandwiched between two European matches. It was a disappointing performance but fortunately we were able to salvage a draw at the end.”

Is Salzburg's home form a concern for you?  

We know we'll be playing in an electric atmosphere on a wonderful playing surface. There's every reason to suppose it will be a great game.”

Where will the game be won tactically?

Salzburg close you down very quickly and they could cause problems for us but if you're able to get past that and into their half then the space can open up for you. There are a lot of tactical aspects to consider.

The coach was asked about Lorenzo Insigne, who has come in for some criticism of late: "Insigne is Neapolitan or really loves this club so any criticism or pressure affects him a bit more than the others, but it's all quite normal and he's perfectly relaxed.

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