Serie A TIM


The players are our ‘heroes’ who become ‘superheroes’ as soon as they wear our shirts. The colours used in the launch of these kits represent some traits, or if you prefer ‘superpowers’: red is power, blue is speed, green is balance while yellow is accuracy. All these features are important on the pitch and we like to believe they belong to each of our jerseys. In each shirt, one of these traits prevails and when our players wear them everything is even more enhanced.

This will be the common thread for the 2022-2023 season. Let’s get started! Here are the home and away kits for the 2022-2023 season and the goalkeeper’s 1st kit made by Atalanta’s technical sponsor Joma!

HOME KIT – As powerful as the passion for these colours

The home kit maintains the club’s traditional black-and-blue vertical stripes. “LA MAGLIA SUDATA SEMPRE” is printed on the inside of the collar, as it has already become a tradition: this text refers to the hard-working culture that the Atalanta players try to honour in each match, always doing their best. “ATALANTA BERGAMO” is printed on the back, right under the collar, in order to highlight the bond between the Club and the city. This detail is also replicated in the polyester insert sewn into the inside on the bottom part of the jersey, where there is also the Club logo, in its mono-colour version.

AWAY KIT – Fast, the fastest

The away kit features the traditional white colour; the black and blue are present as always but on the upper part of the shoulders, on the collar and on the borders of the sleeves. The away kit also has the insert “LA MAGLIA SUDATA SEMPRE”, which is on the inside part of the collar and the words “ATALANTA BERGAMO” on the back. The logo used for the away jersey is the running Atalanta, embroidered in gold.

GOALKEEPER 1ST KIT – Balanced, as everything should be

All the 2022-2023 Atalanta shirts were made from 100% recycled polyester fabric to minimize the impact on the environment. This fabric, which is characterized by its quality and elasticity, is made through the transformation of recycled plastic into polyester thread and, subsequently, into thousands of meters of sustainable fabric.
In areas of increased perspiration, where the player needs greater sweat resistance, the fabric has been treated with the micro-mesh system, a technology that guarantees breathability and an effective release of body heat, increasing the feeling of comfort.

Vts technology has also been incorporated into the new Atalanta kits, initially used by Joma only in footwear: the fabric is characterized by micro-holes that favour the entry and exit of air, allowing the body to always remain dry. The seams are flat and made with the flatlock system, to avoid possible rubbing on the skin. Every detail and customization element is designed to ensure total comfort: all logos are in fact applied with the Joma sportech system, which involves the use of an extremely flexible and resistant material fixed to the fabric through heat, thus avoiding possible rubbing. and improve the athlete’s comfort during the game.

THIRD KIT – Accuracy

As previously announced, the 3rd kit will be unveiled at 18:00 CEST on Saturday 2 July during an event taking place at the Monte Pora for the opening of the summer season and on our official social media platforms.