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A special visit to Asseminello. Luca, goalkeeper of the “Casteddu4Special” has succeeded in fullfilling his great dream: training with the Rossoblù first team. From the “2bd level” of the Paralympic and Experimental Football Division Championship to training with professional Serie A football players: emotions, smiles and saves. Sport as a tool for social inclusion: a message to be strongly launched on “World Day for Awareness of Autism”, celebrated today, Friday 2 April.

Luca plays for “I Fenicotteri” from Oristano, the team that together with the “Tukiki” from Milan represents Cagliari – with the name of “Casteddu4Special” - in the official FIGC championship of the DCPS. When he arrives at the Assemini Sports Center, accompanied by Francesca Cappai, the team's educator, the excitement is overwhelming. Match jersey, shorts, socks and shoes: you can enter the pitch. The trainer Paolo Orlandoni and the goalkeeping team welcome him: “Would you like to train with us?”. And the dream becomes reality.

High holds, low saves; Luca listens carefully to the indications of Mr. Orlandoni, repeats the technical gestures and follow the advices of Guglielmo Vicario and Simone Aresti. His eyes literally sparkle with joy. The session training goes on: side dives, shooting exercises, first with the right foot, then with the left one. At the end of the training, the greeting of Mr. Leonardo Semplici: “Come back soon to meet us”. And while waiting to meet Alessio Cragno, involved with Italy, Luca receives also a gift: Simone Aresti's gloves and the official Serie A football. “I'm very happy, come on Casteddu”.

“Sport is vital for children with intellectual-relational disabilities; in addition to this is useful for health in general. It promotes learning, contact with the external environment, respect for the rules”, said Elisabetta Scorcu, Manager Events, Initiatives and SLO of the Club, also a member of the Board of Directors of the Paralympic and Experimental Football Division of the FIGC. “Cagliari was among the first Clubs in Italy to believe in the “Fourth” and “Fifth Category” Championships: hoping that activities – today unluckily stopped by the pandemic – will be able to resume soon”.

The story of luca and Casteddu4Special will be told during “O anche no”, the Rai 2 program dedicated to inclusion and solidarity, which will be broadcasted tonight at 00.30 and Sunday 4 april in rerun at 9.10 a.m.