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Gabriele Cioffi gave his view of the 1-1 draw with Roma to Udinese TV after the contest at Dacia Arena.
“You can’t look at the result alone although obviously it’s important, especially for a team like Udinese, whose main target is survival. It’s not the be-all and end-all. If the players do everything right for 96 minutes, you can’t dwell on the penalty. The team has clear ideas and is hungry. That isn’t just on Sundays, but also in the week.”
“It’s normal for the lads to feel down about it. There was a feeling of disappointment at the way the win slipped through our grasp and I told the players to pick their heads up because there’s no reason to be discouraged.
“I always tell the players that in my book, they’re all starters, even those who don’t play or start on the bench. That’s what I want from them and for them to feel like that.
“They have to work hard as that’s how you get performances like this one.
“[Jean-Victor] Makengo played really well. He’s a top lad. It’s a shame he didn’t score. If his shot had been on target, he would’ve had a great chance of scoring.”

(Photo LaPresse)