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“The lads were busy during the week, but they were last week too, despite the fact that the result in the derby was totally different from what we expected. We have to redeem ourselves from our last performance in a fixture that is not easy, because we know that Hellas Verona are an organized team, who play man to man and make it hard for the opposing team to play. We have to be ready, both physically and mentally, to face this type of match“. These are the words of Parma Coach Roberto D’Aversa, who spoke today on the eve of the meeting with Hellas Verona. “Pellè did not train yesterday, today during the warm-up he felt a niggle and stopped. I have to consider who to start in that role from the beginning. Cornelius was only out for three days, considering that he played on Sunday he could start from the start. In any case, it is an evaluation that we will make with the doctor right up until the final moment because we need to think about in terms of minutes both for the risk of injuries and for the quality of the performance. This applies to Andreas but also to Zirkzee, it is an aspect that we will consider for all forwards”.

“As I have said in the past, it is a privilege for us to have Kyle Krause as President because he conveys that enthusiasm, that optimism, that confidence that I believe are important both for the club but also for me as the manager and for my working staff. He transmits it calmly. It is important for the club, for me, but it is also important that he wants to restructure the club as he talked about the entry of other professionals. He wants to improve our home, the Tardini. I don’t worry about the future; I think Parma can have a very rosy future from all points of view. What we have to think about now is the present, about preserving our status, that is fundamental for everyone”.

“I believe that, regardless of the fact that there are many games remaining, tomorrow’s match is to be faced as if it were a final. Tomorrow’s is so and so are all the others. The championship does not end tomorrow, a lot also depends on the others, but we can’t rely on results elsewhere. We must depend on our own path, on what we really want, we must go to Verona without any kind of alibi. We have to leave this afternoon with the thought that we are going to a final in Verona”.

“I read the statistics during the week. You know very well that the possession statistics are of little interest to me. In recent years we have played route one football, we have tried to score goals as quickly as possible. In the last match the performance was not there, in others it was. The boys are trying to do what I ask, after that it is important if we do it with conviction or not. Well, I think we have to find that aspect. I think this team has lost a bit of that DNA that has distinguished us over the years, we had an identity: all the teams who confronted us knew who they would face. What happened before my arrival does not interest me, it must not be an excuse. We have to find that spirit that has distinguished us in these years in order to make important results. With work and intensity during training, with desire and unity of purpose, and without differentiating between the older or younger players: we all need to understand that we must achieve our goal together”.

“I believe that those who go out on the pitch will have an important opportunity, we are sorry for those who are absent, but we cannot sit and think over who is not there. We have to think about going on the pitch and it is essential to give 120% to obtain a positive result. This means going in search of a spark, and a victory which is the only medicine that can improve our situation at this moment. If we wait for this result to come to us, it does not happen. If, on the other hand, we are aware of the fact that tomorrow will be a very difficult match, because we know the characteristics of Hellas Verona, but are convinced and aware that we are looking for a positive result, we can do it. We have to go get it. It must be our will to go and get a result in Verona, regardless of injuries and regardless of who will be on the pitch”.

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