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After the match at the Bentegodi, Coach Roberto D’Aversa met with journalists in the press room. Here’s what he had to say:

“We did well in the first half. In the second half we were overwhelmed, we did well to get back into a match that was not easy against a Verona side who are a very physical team, very adept at making the opposing team play badly and despite this we did well to get back into it, unfortunately in the final third we gave away goals. The regret is that in two matches we could have picked up four points but in reality we’ve got zero, therefore we need to work on the errors we made and we mustn’t think about anything else.”

“The changes? In the first half, despite the fact it wasn’t a wild game, I can’t think of how many bookings we picked up, I can only remember Iacoponi, Barillà and Hernani, however I needed to reflect on the fact that I couldn’t stick with the same ten men like I did against Inter. Some changes were enforced like with Laurini who had cramp and I needed to bring him off, then those who came on were players like Gervinho, Kurtic, Karamoh, we mustn’t think that it was changes that lost us the game; it is also true that when you replace someone you need bring something extra onto the pitch. I repeat, the situation regarding the third goal came from a free-kick in our favour, it was a half where we had numerical superiority, we scored twice, therefore I don’t think it’s a question of substitutions.” 

“It’s clear to me that I need to work on errors, but when we go ahead – I don’t want to cause offence to anyone – but Verona equalised through a moment where there was no offence, free-kick or penalty. It’s clear that after that it became difficult; then we made mistakes such as the second goal when we allowed a right-footer to come inside and shoot with his right, we made similar errors for the third goal. You need respect, I work on our errors, but like with Inter and today things did not go smoothly. I’m not looking for alibis for my players, without doubt they will work on their mistakes, without doubt we didn’t lose because of refereeing mistakes, but some moments didn’t go our way, the Verona players also said this.”

“Tactically we prepared well for the match, the goals came from situations like the first which was a penalty where we had played well, it wasn’t a case of us being in a situation where perhaps we could have played it poorly, then you can talk about the fact that the foul that was or wasn’t, for me it wasn’t a foul; it’s clear that the errors we made for the third goal came from our own dead-ball situation, to concede from there forces us to reevaluate, we made similar errors against Inter, something else was missing, bit I would like to sometimes have moments that can influence a match go in our favour.”

“There’s little time to prepare for the matches, but I believe that one change is that instead of training to get match fit you get the fitness from the matches themselves, if you think about it there is no better training than a match. It’s clear that those with niggles every three days will be tired and need recuperation, I need to underline to you the fact that Gagliolo played the whole match in pain, he wasn’t 100%; both the full-backs had knocks. Laurini asked me to substitute him because he couldn’t take it anymore. Playing every three days if you don’t have a big enough squad with rotation options will cause difficulties, but I believe that as a squad we’re doing well enough, that said there is a positive aspect: playing every three days means everyone has the possibility to play. It’s clear that then you must show what you have to offer on the pitch if you have the possibility to show it.”


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