Coppa Italia Frecciarossa


On the eve of the TIM Cup 2015/2016 Round of 16 tie against Pioli's Lazio, Udinese manager Stefano Colantuono addressed the media in the press room of the Friuli Stadium. Here's what he said.
Is Lazio's crisis and advantage or a disadvantage for you?
It's hard to say.  Of course they are struggling, even if they have been really unlucky, as against Sampdoria,  they played a good game. We only think about ourselves. This match has a lot of objectives for us, starting from the access to the quarter-finals The other objective is to play those lads who haven't featured so much yet, especially those who have just recovered from their injuries".
Will Guilherme be in the starting line-up?
"Guilherme and Kone are playing again after they having been injured for a long time, They have been out 4 and 2 months respectively. They will play, but probably not the entire match, because they are not able to play 90 minutes".
Why Di Natale and Thereau haven't been called up? 
"We have some problem with our forwards. We don't know if Thereau will take part in Sunday's match against Torino; Di Natale is still recovering after having been hit, so for these reasons I want to let them for the match against Torino. I have to think about it, because I had an idea but I might change my mind".
Which game is more important? Lazio-Udinese or Torino-Udinese?
"My philosophy is that every match is important. We care about the match against Torino, so I'm not calling up the players at risk, but this Tim Cup match is very important as well. We will not play this match as if it was a friendly. Torino will play with most of their starters too in the Cup".
Does changing forwards mean to have Bruno playing as a second forward?
No, because Bruno is not physically ok, so he will not be in the starting XI. Badu is called up, but I will not risk him from the beginning. Wague hasn't been called up, but he has nothing serious, so he will take part in the away match against Torino. We have to kill two birds with one stone. The players who are fit will take part in this away match, because this is not a different game, this has to be clear".

(Photo LaPresse)