Serie A TIM


On the eve of the tough away match with Serie A TIM leaders Roma, Stefano Colantuono spoke to the media in the press room of the New Stadium.

Tomorrow's game will be very tough, won't it?
"No game is easy, especially against Roma. It's a kind of game we are used to. It is not the first time we face such a strong team".

Are you making some changes tomorrow?
"Yes, I am. Some players arrived recently, I'm not worried about their resistance but I don't want to overload their muscles too much. Moreover some players need to rest a bit too. Therefore I will think about it and I will make my decisions."

What kind of match do you expect?
"If we consider the possession stats, Roma are really good at controlling the game, but they are also dangerous when it comes to counterattack. So any attitude can be dangerous against them".

Will Bruno Fernandes play behind a forward?
"I don't think we are starting with Bruno behind a forward. I'd rather do something different in order to show that we don't want just to defend, even if  Bruno knows very well how to play in that position. I will make some changes because I think that tomorrow we'll have to run a lot. Di Natale should start from the bench. With a series of games so close together I have to make some changes in the starting XI. In my opinion the squad is very balanced, so there won't be such a difference between those who are going to play and those who are not. Then it all depends on the result: if the team win the boss is clever, if the team lose the boss is a fool. I would never give up a player, but what I previously said concerns Felipe and Lodi too, even if they did really good in the previous games. I prefer to let them rest rather than lose them for injury reasons".

Do you fear Roma?
"I fear them in the right way, so I'm not frightened. I know that my player will be able to play the match with the right attitude. Of course we need to play the perfect match, being solid, defending well. We'll have to be dangerous and a bit lucky too. We'll have to be ready: that's the point".

What kind of attitude do we have to expect from Udinese?
"We'd like to play a certain type of match, but we don't have to forget that it will be a really tough game. Fiorentina pressed but exposed themselves to Roma's counterattacks. You have to ge aggressive, you can't let them play. You must be careful because they have fast players such as Gervinho".

(Photo LaPresse)