Coppa Italia Frecciarossa


On the eve of the fourth round of the TIM Cup 2015/2016 Stefano Colantuono held his pre-match press conference. Here's what he said.

Will you make changes to your side?
Yes, I'll play those lads who haven't featured so much yet, bearing in mind that there are some injured players too. I've got many good players who can have a good performance. Meret and other young players will be in the line-up, but nothing has to change in terms of quality and attitude".

Do you have good memories of Atalanta?
"I've been there for seven years and I'm very close with that club, but now I'm in Udine and I'll give my best for Udinese. I love being here, but at the same time I can't forget all the good times I had in Bergamo".

How many substitutes are you going to use?
"Substitutes isn't in my vocabulary. I've got a wonderful group who works together. I can't consider Fernandes, Marquinho, Domizzi and Pasquale as substitutes".

Will Totò be in the starting XI? Did something change in your team now that there's Lodi?
"Lodi is very important for the kind of football I want my team to play. At Atalanta, for instance, I had Cigarini who did the same kind of things I ask Lodi to do here. Totò? I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything more about the line-up".

(Photo LaPresse)