Serie A TIM


A big win for Inter on matchday 29 in Serie A TIM, as the Nerazzurri thrashed Brescia 6-0 at San Siro with six different names on the scoresheet (Young, Sanchez, D'Ambrosio, Gagliardini, Eriksen and Candreva).

“There’s certainly a lot of satisfaction with how we managed the game, we did well to maintain the same attitude throughout without ever stopping,” said the Nerazzurri Coach Antonio Conte while speaking to DAZN. “We kept our foot on the gas and the fact that we didn’t concede is a big positive.”

A few words on individuals: “Lautaro? We can’t hold anything against him, especially in terms of his commitment. He deserved a goal and the personal satisfaction that comes with it. I’m very calm, I’ve got a great group of guys, professionals who want the best for Inter. Because of that, we can have flaws or get things wrong during games, but I’m still able to remain calm because of the professionalism and generosity of this group. My only regret this year is that we paid a big price for our naivety.”

“Sanchez? We brought him here for his qualities. Unfortunately we lost him as an option for a long time. He’s now starting to find his feet, even if he’s still not the Sanchez I was such a big fan of in England. What I can say however, is that he’s on the right track, he put in a great performance today. Having all my forwards available makes me feel more relaxed.”

“Moses? He’s a player I know well, we’ve won so much together and he was one of the stars of the side with me at Chelsea. He had a few physical problems before getting here, but now he’s finding his feet again he can prove that he’s an important player.”

To finish up, a word on the team’s growth: “We want to finish the season in the best way possible, then afterwards we’ll look back on what we’ve achieved. We’re also trying out a few different things right now and the team’s bringing me a lot of pleasure because I can see the specific ideas that we’re trying out in training. At times however you’re held back by your results and it all seems negative, but that’s not the case. We just have to improve in terms of our mentality and stay switched on in every moment of every match. But this is a team that no one can fault in terms of heart, generosity and courage.”

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