Serie A TIM


Davide Nicola, Udinese's new coach, spoke in the presentation press conference: "Football is about reading the game: you have to understand whent to attack and when to wait. I only ask one thing to my players, that is dedication and spirit of sacrifice. They have to work hard on the pitch to improve themselves. I strongly believe in my work, otherwise I wouldn't be a coach. I am certain that only hard work and dedication can produce good results, emotions also can be helpful. My goal is to create a connection with the players, so that I can get the best out of them and to bring the enthusiasm back".

Nicola thanks Velazquez "because he did everything to get results, which are fundamental to us. As a fellow Coach, I can see that he gave his all".

About the team he said: "After working with the guys, I will be much more precise when asked about what the team can do. Now we just need to adapt, I'll try to get 100 per cent from every player in the squad, then I want to prove to the fans that I can play a brave style of football, albeit with the right balance".

The next Serie A TIM match for Udinese will be on November 24th at Dacia Arena against Roma.

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