Serie A TIM


"Palermo tried to take us by surprise from the very beginning - said coach Delneri at Udinese Tv -, they took possession of the ball in the first 20 minutes. Then we started to recover. It was an intense match, not an easy one. Palermo will fight until the very end against Empoli, thay can do it in a direct fight. Udine was an important step for them and beating them was very satisfactory for us".

"I changed the tactical asset after the first 20 minutes, putting Thereau behind the tip. The team managed to keep going both ways, we have players with qualities that allow us to change tactical assets. Cyril had some problems at the tights and so I had him leave the field. Zapata? I'm happy he's been called for the Nationals, he fits well, he's got great strenght, he helps his teammates and he's quick so he can do important goals. We know that he'll leave for June, unless something important happens. It's his first full year and he demonstrated that he can be an important forward player in the future".

"After the pause our championship will start, now we must try taking as many points as possible until the end, we have no wxcuse, we have the duty to go in the field and start our championship".

(Photo LaPresse)