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Coach Delneri, at the end of the match against Juventus, analyses the match at Udinese Tv:

"We were looking for a confirmation and we have found it. The team has demonstrated that we can hold our own against the big teams and that we are not afraid of facing the champions. After the goal that set the draw anyone else would have given up, we instead kept fighting until the end. It's clear that when you build a project like ours, made by young people, some high and lows must be considered. I hope that after this match the team will keep going for this continuity of quality that we're looking for . We have 11 matches to reach our objective: obtaining salvation in the shortest time possible and to creat a certain type of mentality for the future".

"We knew we couln't let Juventus have any free-kick, we had worked all the week to prevent giving Dyabala that chance. In the one moment they gave him, he got a goal. I'm sorry about losing Fofana, unfortunately we don't have any reassuring news about him. Still, I can count on a solid group, even when i send players that dont see the field that often they still give good results. Sometime you need the courage to make some decisions, everyone said that Perica and Zapata couldn't play together. There are 3 millions coaches in Italy, luckily Udinese has only one."

(Photo LaPresse)